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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Our distributors are registered with the FDA and provide the highest quality of Chinese herbal medicine.

We offer Chinese herbal medicine in various forms:


These are premade by manufacturers and are the most economical forms of herbal formulas. Teapills are a combination of herbal extracts that are formed into small pea-sized balls. Formulas that come in teapills are some of the most commonly used formulas in Chinese Medicine.

Patent Granules

Formulas in this category tend to be more potent due to the lack of binding agents found in teapills. Granules are formed by binding decocted liquid herbal concentrate into powder, often powdered herbs or potato starch. This form of herb is still convenient but the tradeoff is tasting herbs directly. Some formulas can be difficult due to bitterness of herbs in them. Manufacturers often provide an encapsulated form to mitigate this drawback.

Custom Granules

Same as patent granules but the formula is customized to the patient’s needs. The practitioner often add or remove herbs or modify ratio of herbs accordingly. This is ideal for those who have sensitivities or allergies to medication in general. Custom formulas are often more expensive but many people find it to be more effective. Like patent granules, the formula can be encapsulated for additional cost.

Raw Herbs

Raw herbs is the most traditional and potent form of herbal medicine. The pharmacies put the herbs together in an unaltered form for the patients to take home and decoct it at home. It can be inconvenient and our pharmacy at Kamwo provides the service of decocting it and vacuum seals each dose individually. Like granules, it comes in both patent forms and custom.

Our Herbal Medicine Distributors

Crane Herbwww.craneherb.com
They comply with the FDA GMP standards to produce high quality products. They use KPC products for custom formulas, which are tested for heavy metals and pesticides.

Kamwo Herbs www.kamwoherbs.com
They test their products for heavy metal, pesticides from third party laboratories.

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